Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Forever Valentines!

YUMMY! I love all the sweet treats of Valentines day. These cute little petit fours are from Alessi, a local bakery. They make the best everything. We picked these up this past weekend when my Mom was in from Texas visiting.

BTW, Happy "Annaversary" to my Mom and Dad, and to my Aunt Tine and Uncle Jeff, and my great-aunt, Margie and her husband, Pete. Valentine's Day is for lovers in my family. Happy 1st Heart Day to my little handsome devil, Parker! Lastly, Forever Valentines are my husband and I! Love you BOB! Hope yours is a special treat whatever you do. We're laying low with a nice dinner at home followed by Elizabethtown.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


We are going to Atlanta today for an XL Super Bowl party. I was hoping to finish this second sock that I have been working on, but I can't because I'm using metal Addi double points. So know I have nothing to knit on the airplane. Maybe I can cast on something really quick, but I have no idea what I want to start on the fly. ;-) [No pun intended] This stinks! I hope to visit a couple of yarn shops and eat at Pappasito's too while in Hotlanta! Yippee!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The results of my first pair of Addi Turbo's

Remember this previous post. This was intended to be a Laptop Case from IK Fall 2005. Considering it was finished and felted just hours before we were to drive to Texas for Christmas, the handle was not cut out. So I used it as a gift bag for some of my mom's other gifts. She then decided it would make a cute clutch and put the horse pin on it. She's so smart ;-) (Mothers know everything.) Needless to say, she has received lots of compliments and inquiries. I used Cascade 220 in Color Nos. 7802, 7803,7830 and some leftover 8234.

Somehow, my mom ended up with my dad's knitted Christmas gift too! Can't imagine how that happened. I'm telling you, my mom's good like that. As we are driving those 14 hours home, I casted on and finished this hat that was intended for my dad. Nothing fancy, just two by two ribbing with Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in 403. It turns out to be too short for Dad (doesn't cover his ears.) So mom says let me try it on....you know where I'm going.

Mom: Oh, I want it!

Me: Okay. but it needs a cute pin.

She just so happens to have the perfect pin. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of mom in it. She was already sleeping. So, that's me the night before we were leaving. Haggard as hell, but worth every minute of it!